Fasting Transformed me after medicine failed – Jenni Russell in The Times

This free, simple therapy has changed my life. Could it be the panacea to transform the NHS? In the last ten months my life has been transformed. I didn’t write a book, move house, have children, find a faith or change my job. Instead…

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It’s worth going hungry for a healthier life – The Times

“Weight loss is only one of its possible effects. It improves that body’s function at a cellular level, reducing inflammation, replacing damaged DNA, regenerating the immune system and reducing the likelihood of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and age-related illnesses.”

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The mimicking diet that really does work – The Telegraph

“Particularly pleasing was the consistency: pounds that came off in the first fast stayed off even when I ate normally. Another benefit was that my appetite shrank and stayed that way. Six weeks on, the weight has not crept back and I am more motivated to eat in a mindful way.”

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Diets that promise easy ways to lose weight and treatments to get your neck into shape are put to the test – The Sun

“FIVE DAY MIRACLE: The best diet I’ve ever done –and I’ve done a lot. The “fast-mimicking” ProLon plan (€199.00) launches this week. You get by on 800 calories for five days, eating thinks like kale biscuits, soups, nuts and choc bars. I shifted weight I’ve tried to ditch for a year – and two months later, I’ve kept it off.”

Written by Jane Atkinson, Features Editor, The Sun on 3rd September 2017

Why we’ve all been doing the Fast Diet Wrong – The Telegraph

“A trial of 19 humans placed on the FMD once a month for five days showed decreased risk factors and biomarkers for aging, diabetes, cancer and heart disease with no major adverse side effects.”

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Time to FAST track your diet? – Daily Mail

“But it is the type of fat that fasting targets – the visceral fat around the middle – that gives it the advantage over other regimes.”

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Is fasting a free health fix? – or is it just a fad? – The Guardian

“Valter Longo is a scientist at the University of Southern California who believes that, because of this process, periodic fasting can help people stay healthy. Faulty immune cells, for instance, could be pruned back so that when a person starts to feed again, new cells are spawned from only the strongest and the fittest”

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Reboot your health and drop weight with this simple five-day fast – Irish Examiner

“And now his research has come up trumps with a far more convenient fasting diet, one that works as well as the weekly version, but that requires you to cut your calorie intake for only five consecutive days yet lose up to half a stone in the process”

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Will you try the new (easy) fast diet? – The Times

“All the participants underwent a battery of tests, with the five-day fasters showing improvement in a range of metabolic markers linked with ageing and diseases, such as reduced blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. Additionally, their levels of IGF-1 and C-reactive protein, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease had gone down.”

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How to Get the Benefits of Fasting With Less Deprivation – The Wall Street Journal

“What if you could trick your body into thinking it was fasting, receive the health benefits associated with calorie-restriction, but never actually stop eating?”

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